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Our Weight Loss Programs

The Nutriline weight loss program offers a healthy and nutritionally balanced way of losing weight. It is a long-term program that helps the client to achieve the desired weight goal and successfully maintain the desired weight via the development of a healthy relationship with food. 

It is a personalized program that takes into consideration the individual’s gender, age, weight, height and dietary habits to design a meal plan that allows an average of about 0.5-1kg drop each week. On the average clients are able to lose about 2–4kg /month using diet alone and 2-6kg/month using diet and exercise.

Clients have the opportunity to renew their membership once their program expires. No medications are used on this program. Only vitamin/mineral and fish oil supplements may be recommended when necessary.Clients are encouraged to be physically active. Activities may include brisk walk, jogging, using of stairs, skipping, swimming etc. 

Those who love to exercise may do so starting gradually. Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program. 

Being physically active does not imply a rigid gym program. Nutriline’s weight loss program allows people to lose weight without engaging in rigorous exercises, however we encourage our clients to stay physically active to boost metabolism, improve heart health and general fitness.

The uniqueness of the Nutriline weight loss program is that it offers the clients the opportunity to also sign up to Weight Maintenance Program after they have successfully achieved their desired weight goal in the weight loss program. Life-time membership schemes have recently been introduced to help clients stay longer in treatment to sustain their weight loss.


Nutriline Regular Program

The Nutriline regular Weight loss program is the type of program which requires that, the client pays a visit to the Nutriline center once every week after the initial visit, to allow for regular monitoring of progress. The client can opt for programs ranging from 2 months to 6 months under the Nutriline Regular Program depending on the estimated length of stay on the program, as calculated by the Nutriline Nutrition Consultant.

Nutriline Executive Program

This is a type of Weight loss Program, in which Nutriline brings its services to the door-step of the client. The client is visited by a Nutriline Nutritionist in the privacy of his / her office or home. The client is entitled to four visits inclusive of the first visit which is intended for an initial assessment and derivation of the client’s nutrition care plan.

Nutriline Corporate Program

This is a type of Weight loss Program which requires the simultaneous enrolment of at least 10 employees within one organisation on to the program. These employees will be visited by a Nutriline nutritionist for the first time at the premise of the organization in question to register participants. The program is offered in the form of a 6 week competition at the end of which a winner emerges. The competitive nature of this weight loss program inspires employees to work hard towards their weight loss goal. The group will receive 3 visits inclusive of the first one meant for registration of participants. Companies interested in this kind of service are encouraged to call us for details.

Nutriline Distance Program

This is a type of Weight loss program designed for individuals who either live outside Accra, the capital of Ghana, or live outside Ghana. This program requires that you send us information regarding the following details:
Full Name, age, gender, weight (Kg), Height (m or cm), telephone number, e-mail, usual food intake (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). Details on your medical history has to be sent as well. To simplify the process, complete the nutrition and medical history form and sign the disclaimer form attached and send back to us via email. You are also to make payment to a mobile money number that will be given you and inform us when payment is made. Your meal plan will be designed within 1-3 days of your initial contact with us and sent to you via whatsapp once payment is received. You then have to step on your own digital weighing scale and take your starting weight. Take a snapshot of your starting weight and send to us via whatsapp. You will then be expected to send once weekly updates/photos of your weight on the scale via whatsapp until the time that you sign up for expires.


Group Weight Loss Challenge Competition Program

This is a six week weight loss challenge and competition that is offered in a group setting. The objectives of the program are to boost your weight loss enthusiasm and outcome through social facilitation. The group setting promotes a healthy competition and builds a high level of social support among participants. This program is highly recommended for those who have given up on their weight loss ambition or are struggling to lose weight and/or need a high level of motivation to continue with their weight loss efforts.