About Us

Characteristics of the Nutriline Weight Loss Program:

Nutriline partners you in your lifestyle change journey. We understand you and use proven & effective strategies to help you adopt healthy behaviours that enhance your success in achieving your weight management goals.

About Nutriline

Nutriline is a weight management and nutrition company that applies modern nutrition knowledge and insight to improve the health of the public.

Our mission is to improve the health of the public via the provision of quality weight management and nutrition services for individuals and corporate bodies

Our vision is to become the nutrition leader in Africa and across the globe.

Program Features

Solid Scientific Principles

Based on the principle of energy balance which has proven to achieve positive results over the years. 

Results Oriented

Everybody achieves their weight goal at their own pace. Improved health and improved quality of life are experienced. Makes you feel good both inside and out. Good looks, self-confidence and overall fitness are some of the outcomes.

Flexible Diet Plans

⦁ Allows for most foods commonly eaten
⦁ Freedom to choose and prepare own foods
⦁ Accommodates individual differences
⦁ Trouble foods can be worked into meal plan
⦁ Variety of weight loss diet plans to choose from: low carb high protein, regular diet plan, Jump-starter diet plan

Nutritionally Balanced Meal

Based on the principle of energy balance which has proven to achieve positive results over the years. 

Healthy and Safe Weight Loss with no side effects

⦁ Promotes fat loss
⦁ Fat loss: reduces risk for non-communicable diseases
⦁ Nutritionist designed meal plans
⦁ Natural approach with no side effects
⦁ Physician oversight
⦁ Referral to other allied health professionals when necessary

Personalised Meal Plans

Nutriline understands that needs vary from one person to another, so our programs are designed with you in mind. Our Nutritionist, based on your unique needs, designs a meal plan to meet your specific nutritional needs

Sustainable Weight Loss

⦁ Not about quick fixes
⦁ Meal plan provides your weight loss road map for life.
⦁ Provides structure to meals making it easy to follow
⦁ Provides one-on- one support to achieve weight goal.
⦁ Weight maintenance program available
⦁ Lifetime membership available
⦁ Lifestyle change through behavioural therapy and strategies

One on One Counseling

⦁ Nutriline’s weekly one on one consultation equips you with the necessary skills to lose weight healthily
⦁ Provides a form of accountability which ensures your success
⦁ Allows for one-on-one professional guidance and support which challenges you to explore the possible solutions to lifestyle change challenges
⦁ Motivates you when you have lost and also encourages when you haven’t done so well

Physical activity is highly encouraged

Promotes all forms of physical activity (planned, leisure, occupational, transporting oneself from one place to the other)