• Choose a restaurant that at least can provide a few of the foods that fit your weight loss plan such as grilled fish or chicken and not fried, plain rice cooked with no oil, steamed veggies cooked with no oil
• Have a plan on what you will eat. Do not get there with no plan. Ideally it will be better to call the restaurant ahead of time and get to know what is on the menu plan and decide on what to eat
• Do not arrive at the restaurant on an empty stomach. Eat something light such a fruit before getting to the restaurant
• While waiting for the food, get into conversation with your friends who are with you. Make it a social event rather than an eating event
• When asked for your choice of drink while waiting for the main course, do order for a diet drink, herbal tea, club soda, or just pure water
• Avoid the peanuts, bread and butter which are usually put on dining tables to be eaten before the actual meal courses begin. Note that many of the breads come already buttered hence high in calories, for example foccacia, savory Italian bread squares, popovers, muffins. To test for fat content of your bread rub it in a paper napkin. If it leaves an oily spot on the napkin then the bread is certainly high in fat
• If main course is too much in terms of quantity, do share it with your friends or package the excess and take home
• Sometimes an appetizer can be your main course, since those come in smaller portions
• You don’t have to follow all the courses. You can miss some courses to help you cut back on total intake
• Order plain rice cooked with no oil rather than fried rice or jollof rice, and limit intake of fried foods in a way that fits your Nutriline weight loss meal plan
• Avoid sauces and creams and salad dressings or let them be put on a different plate for you to dish out only what you need. Place black pepper (shito sauce) in paper napkin for all oil to drain before consuming it
• Avoid foods with names like Au beurre (with butter), batter dipped, fritto (fried), fritters (fried), breaded, Au gratin (with cheese sauce)
• Avoid alcoholic beverages as these stimulate appetite and are calorie dense, thus increases your energy intake and in the end adds to your weight
• Order exactly what you want. Be assertive

• Know exactly what you are going to buy before getting to the market or grocery shop
• Make a list of the items to be bought. This must include staples such as bread, fish/chicken/lean meat, fruits, vegetables, cereal and milk. It should also include items needed to prepare meals in the coming week.
• Never go shopping when hungry or tired. You may go for a candy bar or a soft drink for energy. When tired, you may not have the energy to think properly hence may not be able to make good food shopping choices
• Do not wonder around in the market or shop. Get exactly what is on your list and get out as soon as possible before you get tempted with a food item
• Never buy a tempting food item just for the children because you will be the one eating it in the end. Get healthier options which the whole family can enjoy